Hunan Greenland Plant Resources Development Co., Ltd. is a company incorporated with science, industry and trade, specializing in the production of plant extracts, dietary supplements, health food raw materials and food additives. We are on a mission of”create a new situation for traditional Chinese medicine", based on high-quality, high-performance hardware, domestic and foreign leading biotechnology, advanced innovative business philosophy and scientific management, committed to promote the modernization and internationalization of Chinese medicine. Hunan Greenland adhering to the "customer first, integrity services" business philosophy to enhance and consolidate the leading position in the field of biological health, make outstanding contributions to t...

1. Cost advantage: Bulk procurement of raw materials, advanced technology, good production management.

2. Quality advantage: Strictly control the quality of raw materials,complete QC & QA system, batch stability control.

3. R & D advantage: Deeply R&D cooperation with Hunan Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Hunan University of TCM.

4. Customer service advantage: Professional quality and experienced business people.

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